Planting at Abercorn Avenue Ivanhoe

  • Event Type: Tree Planting and habitat restoration
  • Start Date: 30 June 13
  • Start Time: 10am
  • Meeting Point: Abercorn Avenue, Ivanhoe.

With the recent flooding we were not quite sure what would be found when we turned up for the planting at Abercorn Avenue Ivanhoe – but we were pleasantly surprised that the flooding hadn’t done too much damage in this area. Damian had the area nicely cleared and ready for the over 300 plants that we hoped to plant around the end of the bridge and down to the creek banks. Lomandra longifolia (Spiny-head Mat-rush) were the primary grasses planted, but we also planted Correas, Hop goodenias (Goodenia ovata) and a fair few ground covers and succulents.

With a crew of nine people all up (including bushcrew member Damian) the planting went very well and Michael and myself managed some time to pick up a load of bricks that were littering the creek bed in front of us, apparently from the old Northcote brickworks (Northcote written on every one). We even found one brick with the Olympic rings on it and saying 1956!!! Presumably made for Olympic Village in West Heidelberg during the Melbourne Olympics, a bit of history for the morning to add to the planting.

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