National Tree Day Gronn St Reservoir

  • Event Type: Tree Planting and habitat restoration
  • Start Date: 28 July 13
  • Start Time: 10am
  • Meeting Point: Gronn St Reservoir

National Tree Day is always a great event as it tends to bring a range of people together for a combined planting event. And while the numbers of people started slowly we crept up to over 20 as the morning wore on and more people arrived to help.

This year Michelle from the Darebin bushcrew had us backfilling an earlier planting area to create more habitat for animals and birds and also create more flood resistance against the Darebin’s common overflows.

Unfortunately as she gleefully pointed out as soon as we arrived, it was quite rocky in some areas and it was going to be a bit of a tough day. But we persevered and in the end made a great collection of new beds that hopefully will grow nice and strong next year. This area has been planted up from scratch over the last four years and is really now starting to come into its own.


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