Tree Planting in South Morang

  • Event Type: Clean up
  • Start Date: 28 May 13
  • Start Time: 10am
  • Meeting Point: The Atrium, South Morang

On Sunday 26 May, The City of Whittlesea Bushland Management Crew and the Friends hosted a revegetation project at the Quarry Hills Bushland Park in South Morang. Friends were happily joined by Conservation Volunteers Australia, who brought some much-appreciated help and doubled the number of volunteers. The Bushland Management Crew gave a briefing on the day’s activities and we then set off with our hammers in hand and high spirits in tow. The Bushland Crew had earlier prepared the site by digging all the holes and laying out all the materials ready for planting; this provided an advantage as we could move more efficiently from one plant to the next. We worked solid until midday and then had some tea and cake over a well-earned break. As always, there was plenty of banter and catching-up to do for all the Friends as spirits continued to be on high. After the break we continued the task and were treated to a visit from the locals both on the ground and in the sky. About 15 kangaroos were spotted bounding below the ridgeline and then disappeared over the hill to the north.

Then within 30 minutes, two wedge-tailed eagles starting circling inquisitively only 50 metres away and we were very lucky to get some close-up views and see their majestic gliding as they scanned the area. A nearby magpie lark was not as impressed or perturbed by their size and tried to pester them off to no avail. These sightings really added an extra feeling to the day, knowing we were creating habitat for the native animals to utilise and benefit from into the future. Over the four hours worked, between the 19 volunteers and three Bushland staff, 1026 trees and shrubs were planted, guarded and watered for the City of Whittlesea to manage as part of their ‘Green Wedge Management Zone’.

The Quarry Hills Bushland Park has a ‘Significant Landscape Overlay’ which protects the hills from development above the 185 metre contour line. This initiative was voluntary by the council and shows their commitment to protecting the area for the community to enjoy and flora and fauna to benefit from. The Friends of Darebin Creek would like to thank all the volunteers and Bushland staff for their fantastic efforts, big smiles and dedication.

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