Friends Committee Meeting – Wed 16th April 2014

Our Meeting started at 7pm

We discussed a number of things including our unfinancial members, unfortunately many people have been on the email list for many years – but the committee decided that anyone over 2 years unfinancial will need to be deleted.

Four new members were accepted in the Friends this meeting.

Correspondence – New residential ones were discussed for Darebin – but we decided that it doesn’t affect the creek unduly.

General Business: 

  • Melbourne water grant, Peter Grenfell.  Money received, Money spent so far, Post office box, Incorporation fees and AGM meeting room and night walk.
  • Completion of Darebin Grant for website, Phillip Orth.  Final report has been prepared and posted last month.
  • Darebin Kite Festival report, Adrian Hotchin Started a very drizzly morning but still had lots of people coming by. No new members but handed out a lot of bookmarks with our detail on them. Met Kat and Rob from FO Edwards Lake who were keen to combine some events.
  • Sale of Scout Hall on Liberty Parade. Our member Lincoln Kern made us aware of the sale and possible redevelopment of this site on the creek parklands. We worked hard to approach involved parties, eg Scouts Victoria (owners) and council. We had a Leader newspaper article and local letter dropping. The site sold so we are waiting to see what happens
  • Reprint FODC Brochures. Our brochures contain a map which only goes to Bundoora so we need update of map and information. Probably not multilingual.

Meeting Closed at 9pm

Latest Events

Banyule Northern Grassland Reserve Planting

  • Start Date: 27 May 18
  • Start Time: 10am - midday
  • Meeting Point: Follow the signs from the corner of Dougharty Road and Liberty Parade, West Heidelberg. Darebin Head Quarters

Thornbury Bush Plots Planting

  • Start Date: 29 April 18
  • Start Time: 10am - midday
  • Meeting Point: End of Clarendon Street, Thornbury. Melways 31 B6.