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Photograph copyright Tom Crawshaw 2023

Herb planting day at the Northern Grasslands Banyule

20 July 2022

La Nina has been great for the vegetation of the Darebin Creek. So with a sense of anticipation, we began assembling at the site for the Herb planting day at the Northern Grasslands Banyule.

Tom, Emma and Josh had been busy expertly preparing the planting niches free of weeds and each with a wire rabbit-proof enclosure. We could see the success of previous plantings in the vicinity. Clearly, this had been some time in the making, but good site prep is always worthwhile.

Linum Marginale

The group were eager to get to work after the initial briefing, and then the hard work began. The dark Volcanic clay of the Themeda Grassland was pretty tight, each planting hole was hard won. The tube stock was well grown and comprised approximately ten or so species. Tom has offered to provide an update of his information sheets on plants of the Grasslands.

Then the drizzle started, but that did not dampen the enthusiasm of the team. It appears The Friends membership will be joined by a number of new members who possess a wide range of skills as well as steadfast application to the planting task. Then the drizzle became rain, still, they planted on undeterred until the job was done and done well.

We left that day knowing the conditions were ideal for planting and we anticipate another great outcome. Banyule Bush crew generously are offering further activities on the site, which I am confident will be positively supported by the Friends of Darebin Creek.

Upcoming events include:

  • July 17th Sweepers following up in Reach 4 planting site Kingsbury Bowls Club
  • July 24th, Darebin hosting a Red Gum Grassland understorey planting at Bundoora Park
  • July 31st Whittlesea hosting National Tree Day at Norris Bank Reserve.
  • September 11th Banyule hosting a hand-weeding day targeting Avena sp. And a Northern grasslands tour.


Adrian Hotchin

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