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Friends of Darebin Creek News

Photograph copyright Tom Crawshaw 2024

Revegetating Darebin Creek

01 November 2022

Friends of Darebin Creek is working with Darebin Creek Management Committee, Darebin and Whittlesea Councils and other groups to revegetate the Darebin Creek where it flows through Reservoir, Kingsbury and Bundoora. The project gives special attention to the less-well-vegetated sections of the creek, complementing extensive Darebin Council work. By planting in these gaps, Friends of Darebin Creek hopes to create a biodiversity corridor, from the bushland behind Latrobe University, called Nangak Tamboree, all the way up the creek to the Blau Street wetlands beyond the Western Ring Road in Bundoora. This will create a welcoming and safe habitat for birds and other animals  (including humans)  to move along the creek.

The current areas of focus are near Kingsbury Bowls Club and from Norris Bank Reserve to the Ring Road in Bundoora (as part of the Greening Whittlesea strategy).

FORUM: Planning the Revegetation of Darebin Creek

A Zoom forum with conservationist George Paras, was held on Tuesday 22nd November, 2022.
Whittlesea Council is working with George on planning the revegetation of Darebin Creek, focusing for 2023 planting on the stretch between McLeans and Greenhills Roads, Bundoora. A particular intention is to attract small woodland birds who are not present in that area.

George has done detailed work on the different plants – large to small trees, shrubs and groundcover – which will suit the different patches of that stretch.  In this forum he presented his proposals and ways in community members can be engaged in this revegetation process were discussed.

The forum can be viewed here.  The material George discussed can be accessed in the Resources below.  It is recommended the documents be printed to enable easy reference during the forum.


Regular working bees to maintain planting on second Sunday of the month, from 9am.
March 5, 2023: Clean Up Australia Day, from 10am
June 4, 2023: Community Planting and Activities, from 10am

July 2, 2023: Community Planting and Activities (details to come)


Small Woodland Birds (S.Haider)

Reach 4 Biodiversity Corridor Project – Phase 2, 2022

Greening Whittlesea – City Forest Strategy 2020-2040

For George Paras Forum:

If you have any questions, please contact:

Darebin Creek Management Committee
[email protected]
Ph. 9499 4454

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