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Friends of Darebin Creek

Photograph copyright Tom Crawshaw 2023

Friends of Darebin Creek

Darebin Creek is one of the major northern tributaries of the Yarra River. The creek winds its way through many of Melbourne’s northern suburbs. From its source in the city’s rural fringe, its journey finally meets the Yarra in Ivanhoe and Alphington.

The Darebin Creek and adjacent parklands still retain much of its indigenous flora and fauna, even after years of urbanisation.

Our beautiful open spaces belong to us, to enjoy forever. Their health and well being are in our hands. If you enjoy using the Darebin Creek for it’s natural beauty, why not become active and contribute to its well being?

Darebin Creek is a precious resource of open space and river environment for city inhabitants. There are many pedestrian and cycle paths running alongside the creek, making it easy to explore. There are many parklands and recreational areas throughout the Darebin Creek region.

Heavy industrial and urban development have taken a heavy toll on the creek, including heavy creek bed modification throughout most of its lower range, industrial and household pollution, weed invasion and rubbish and litter dumping.

The Friends of Darebin Creek work closely with Councils and the Darebin Creek Management Committee on a number of projects and also have a representative on the Comittee of Management allowing us to have a say in the future direction of management along the waterway and proivide input into some of the larger creek restoration projects

You can visit the Darebin Creek Management Committee website here.

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